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Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

Suzi Bowers


BSc Medical Sciences (University of Leeds), MMedSci Speech and Language Therapy (University of Sheffield)


13 Years with NHS SLT in Leeds in mainstream schools and clinics, including seven years as a Specialist SLT with children and adults who stammer. Now in my second year with Interactions SLT.

Additional Training:

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), Makaton, Working with Dysfluent Children, SCERTS, Word Aware, Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme 3.

Area of interest:

Dysfluency (Stammering), Speech Sounds

Suzi says:

“Being a Speech and Language Therapist is a privilege. Supporting the communication skills and the confidence of a child, and enabling families and schools to do the same, is what makes this job so worthwhile.”

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